Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, it’s crucial for businesses to have a robust defense strategy in place. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping organisations like yours identify, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents swiftly and effectively. Digital forensics and incident response are critical components of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. By investing in these capabilities, organisations can quickly identify and respond to cyber incidents, mitigate their impact, and protect their reputation and financial stability.

At RightSec, we understand that timely and accurate incident investigation is vital to mitigate damages caused by cyberattacks. Our experts employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify the root cause of security breaches, gather digital evidence, and determine the extent of the compromise. We follow a meticulous approach to preserve data integrity and maintain chain of custody throughout the investigation process. RightSec being the first Australian approved Threat Response Competency (TRC) Specialisation partner with Palo Alto allows us to rapidly deploy state of the art tooling during the time of an incident. In partnership with Palo Alto, RightSec will is able to neutralise the most advanced cyber threats.

24/7 Cyber incident Response

When a cyber incident occurs, time is of the essence. RightSec’s incident response team is available round the clock to provide immediate assistance (to existing clients), guiding you through the critical stages of containment, eradication, and recovery. We swiftly neutralise threats, mitigate further damage, and help you resume normal operations in the shortest possible time.

After the incident has been addressed, RightSec can assist with the process of addressing lessons learned and identifying residual threats. Our team can work closely with you to assist with security enhancements, updating shortcomings in policy and enhance your overall cyber resilience.

Engaging RightSec for a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Retainer will ensure you meet requirements as detailed in ISO27001 and NIST.

Don’t wait for a time of crisis. Contact RightSec today to ensure you are covered in your time of need. Trust our expertise to safeguard your business against cyber threats.