Cyber Capability: “as a Service”. Team augmentation

Team Augmentation

RightSec’s Team Augmentation offering was created as a result of demand for cyber security professionals in the market. It has become increasingly difficult for organisations to maintain their cyber security programs while retaining competent cyber security professionals. We are currently facing a cyber security skills shortage which has impacted businesses ability to maintain and uplift their cyber security capacity.

RightSec’s Team Augmentation service has a seen proven success in countless organisations where we have enhanced and equipped teams. We assess a successful engagement as one where RightSec will no longer be needed. As such, we ensure that your internal team is trained and the necessary handover is performed to ensure continuity to your projects.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)Our CISOaaS will be responsible for ensuring the alignment of your cyber security objectives and your business strategic goals, by providing effective communication, leadership, and relationship building. They deliver a combination of technical and soft skills.

Cyber Security Program ManagerOur Cyber Security Program Manager will oversee the establishment of correct documentation and processes and will monitor your organisation’s Cyber Security Program Implementation Roadmap. They will ensure compliance with your management policies. 

Cyber TrainerOur Cyber Trainers are facilitators and trainers, imparting relevant information on the Cyber Industry, as well as key values and standards to abide by. They deliver Security Awareness Training and Compliance Mandated Training modules.

ISMS Security PractitionerOur ISMS Security Practitioner will be an advisor for Information Security Management Systems and assist all management levels in your organisation regarding ISMS security processes.

Penetration Testers
Our Team will test for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in chosen networks or systems (with your authorisation), to help identify issues before attackers can exploit them. Identifying overlooked issues, often hidden behind modern frameworks and software single points of failure.

Third-Party Risk ManagerOur Third-Party Risk Manager will be responsible for the identification of all risks in relation to your vendors, partners, suppliers, contractors and/or service providers. They will help by implementing robust strategies to minimise vendor-related risks. 

Data Protection Officer (DPO)Our DPOaaS will inform and advise on your data protection obligations. They will perform risk and impact assessments in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation. They deliver a combination of technical, managerial and legal skills.

ISMS TrainerOur ISMS Trainer will be a facilitator to impart knowledge on Information Security Management System policies and standards, and how they affect the business structure. They will effectively plan and implement strategies to keep business continuity.

Enterprise Security ArchitectOur Enterprise Security Architect will be responsible for implementing a top-down approach framework in relation to your business goals, objectives, and vision for your organization, leveraging SABSA, COBIT, and TOGAF.

SOC Manager
Our SOC Manager will lead the security operations team, provide technical guidance & support, and manage various operational activities. They oversee the hiring, training, and evaluation of your Security Operation Centre staff.