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Why RightSec?

RightSec is an emerging market leader and solution provider for cybersecurity and digital resiliency. We provide end to end solutions to suit your specific business lifecycle. RightSec staff are highly experienced, possessing information security expertise in several industries. These include National Critical Infrastructure (NCI) and various ASX top companies. Our cyber security professionals function at the top of their fields, holding industry best certifications. RightSec’s risk based, and intelligence led approach sets us apart in a constantly evolving environment. It also guarantees success in our client engagements and increases your security maturity.

RightSec’s Mission is to be the Ideal TOTAL SECURITY PROVIDER to private businesses and government organisations throughout APAC and the World.

Why Choose RightSec?

Trust: We always do what we say, every time.

Our Work Speaks For Itself: Nothing speaks as loud as continuously executing at a high level of work we do at RightSec. It shows we have a well-established process. It shows we can manage our clients. We work through and effectively communicate the strategy to our clients.

Collaborative approach:

Flexible Pricing Options:

Location and Global presence:

Support and resources: We provide outstanding support 24x7x365. Not to mention, there is extensive documentation and countless resources available for our clients when they need them.

RightSec team has expanded exponentially/considerably since its launch back in 2020. We are supported by globally recognised industry certifications and have proven track record.
During this time, we have added a great number of services that make up a complete package covering all your cybersecurity needs.