RightSec Cyber Security Services

Our Mission

After many years of success in the military, Rightsec’s award winning founder Virginia Calegare saw the need in Australia for a risk-based, intelligence-led, cyber security consultancy. RightSec is the ideal TOTAL SECURITY PROVIDER and our flexibility has allowed us to adapt our services to the diverse needs of business, government bodies and organisations.

We create a culture that supports strategic business goals and enables agile security. Our aim is to make a difference in APAC and the World’s cyber security.

RightSec offers a wide range of cyber security services to meet all business needs, from our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practice to our more technical services. Whatever your cyber security needs, RightSec can help you.

Our leadership team

Founding Director

Virginia Calegare

Virginia Calegare has been recognised internationally for her achievements and is regarded by her peers, as a leader among cyber security professionals. Virginia is formally educated with a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism with a specialisation in cyber security. Her core experience is in dealing with cyber security needs for high importance National Critical Infrastructure (NCI).

Transitioning from the military to the private sector and establishing her brand in the cyber security sector in Australia, Virginia’s has helped drive the digital transformation for several organisations.

Technical Director

Roni Khalil

Roni is the technical director at RightSec with vast amounts of experience in penetration testing, redteaming, social engineering and secure software development. Roni is formally educated with a Bachelor of Computer Science specialising in cyber security.
Roni is a nationally acclaimed cyber security expert who has been accredited for protecting countless organisations from cyber criminals and state sponsored actors. Roni has performed and led technical operations and engagements for a wide range of high maturity organisations in the private and government sectors.