Cyber Strategy & Consulting

Cyber Strategy & Consulting

For organisations responding to changes occurring in their business and environments, having an effective Cyber Security Strategy is crucial to safeguarding their valuable assets and reputation. 


At RightSec, we bring decades of experience working with Enterprise, Government and Defence organisations, defining and implementing Cyber Security Strategies that enable and support an organisation’s strategic goals. 


Our unique approach to defining and setting strategies, is designed to provide assurance of alignment between cyber function(s) and strategic business initiatives, incorporating improvements to cyber resilience and information governance, including alignment to, and compliance with relevant regulations and legislation.  


During the initial stages of an assessment, we evaluate the potential resource requirements and suitability for delivering and maintaining the Strategy, working with our clients to uplift their internal capability and recruit the necessary skills.  


Our approach considers the risk appetite of the business’ initiatives, and recommends the adoption of a comprehensive cyber risk management methodology, to establish a repeatable risk-assessment framework for responding to current and future change.  


Services Rightsec can provide include

  • Cyber Security Strategy Adequacy Assessment 
  • ‘Cyber Executive’ as a Service 
  • Internal and External Audits 
  • Regulatory and Legislative Compliance 
  • Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Assessments 
  • Vendor Evaluation and Assessments 
  • ACSC Essential 8 Assessments and Maturity Improvement Roadmaps